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The Ultimate Military Obstacle Course

What Sass Says – Keeping Fit Blog hits Born Survivor

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By Lifestyle Blogger Sarah Bristow

When I wrote my first ever ‘Keeping Fit’ post back in February I had only just signed up for Born Survivor at Lowther Castle and I was pretty nervous about what I had let myself in for. The idea of ‘military style obstacle courses’ sounded pretty gruelling and I wasn’t really sure how I would cope with the cold and the mud. Now on the other side, I can say that it was so much fun but also pretty difficult! I absolutely loved the team work element of it and getting through something like this with a group of very close friends is definitely something that everyone needs to do. The cold though made it extremely challenging…

What Sass Says   Keeping Fit Blog hits Born Survivor

The all important date came around on the 9th April and with gorgeous blue skies and a brilliant, buzzing atmosphere my team and I were in pretty high spirits. We collected our headbands and took to the ‘starting cage’ and let our adrenaline take over.

The first section took place high up in the gorgeous green hills and with a beaming sun and brilliant views of the lake district we thought we were on a bit of a high. Things took a slight turn though when we approached our first river crossing. Down in the valley and now shadowed by the hills, we immersed ourselves into a river deeper than I could stand. We pulled ourselves along a rope to the other side which was exhilarating but my body also felt such a shock within the icy cold water.

The middle section of the course was a mixture of great fun and extreme cold, but a cold that we pushed through as the adrenaline was still there. The Blitz obstacle in the middle of the course was such a good challenge and pretty much impossible to do without the help of other people so one of the best for teamwork. There was also a big crowd watching and a great atmosphere surrounding it. I actually really enjoyed the excessive mud… it is very liberating getting as muddy as you can and wadding/crawling through thick, thick and gooey mud. It isn’t everyday that you get to slide down a 150ft water slide either…

What Sass Says   Keeping Fit Blog hits Born Survivor

The very final section of the course though was when I struggled. The cold become quite unbearable and I felt as though my body was going to shut down! The burn from running uphill was the only thing keeping me going (something I thought I would never say). Crossing the finish line though with my amazing little team was an incredible feat and I was so proud of us all. I absolutely loved teething through it together and the majority of the obstacles were so so much fun.

I went to a few fitness classes and did a few runs a week in the lead up to Born Survivor but this was more just because I enjoy them rather than directly preparing for the challenge. I felt this was definitely more than enough fitness training for me. After competing the course, I think it is fair to say that Born Survivor is very much more about the mental challenge of pressing through the cold than being extremely physically fit. Obviously I would recommend training as you do need to have some basic fitness to run the 10km and complete the obstacles, however for me the temperature on the day was the major challenge.

What Sass Says   Keeping Fit Blog hits Born Survivor

It is something I would definitely recommend to everyone and is definite ‘bucket-list’ material. I would love to complete another Born Survivor course and will probably do it in September at Capesthorne Hall in Manchester when the weather would (hopefully) be a lot warmer!

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